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According to this article on Yahoo autos these are the cars that you should not buy. Reminder to self, in case I land the lottery (unlikely since I don't play) or if I come into some huge inheritance (also unlikely, but I can all dream), I'll be sure not to pick up any of these cars.
  • Compact Car: Pontiac G5
  • Compact Crossover: Suzuki XL7
  • Full-Size SUV: Jeep Commander
  • Full Size Pickup: Nissan Titan
  • Upscale Car: Volvo S60
  • Sports Car: Mitsubishi Eclipse
Are you in the market to buy a car? Since none of the car-makers are doing well it is a good time to buy, that is if you have a steady job, income and good savings. Good luck on your car purchase! If you're in no hurry to buy a car, perhaps you can read my post Ways To Make Your Car Last.

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Henie said...

Hi Frugal!

Thanks always for your tips! I am currently not in the market for a new car and will make my car last until I expire (I think!)

Yah, I hear about Volvo...don't know too many with this car so that's good!

Just really wanted to come by and say HI!:~)

FrugalNYC said...

Hi Henie!

Happy to see you drop by for a visit! :)
I'm not in the market for a car yet, though I think it is a good time for one. who knows, there might be a buy one get one free on Toyata's soon! LOL

Glad you came by to say hello!

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