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I attended a Parent meeting a few days ago regarding Gifted and Talented programs in the NYC area. I saw a sign with a website and got curious. Its called ParentJobNet and its a non-profit organization aimed at helping parents connect with job and other opportunities.

Below is from their website's about page:
ParentJobNet is the only known school-based and community networking program and job
preparation program for parents and caregivers. A 501(c)3 non-profit organization, ParentJobNet is based in and operated by NYC parents. It supports parents in their everyday professional and personal life situations.

This program is FREE to all parents and caregivers.

How Do Parents Benefit?
Parents benefit through our free job posting network, networking programs, job preparation and
development workshops, ESL classes, e-newsletter, and other job-related resource to:
  • Connect with job opportunities
  • Help find jobs
  • Build contacts or get referrals
  • Find candidates
  • Promote talents/advance professionally
  • Explore new career fields
  • Access job and career resources
  • Help improve everyday work-life
  • Lend a helping hand to other parents
  • Donate or exchange merchandise
  • And much more....
So if you are a parent, and are looking for another way to network or find a job. This might be a good place to check. Taking an active part in your child's life and education is important and this is an opportunity that may help you further that as well.

Are you a member of ParentJobNet? If so, please tell us your experience being a member.


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