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Google Search Cheat Sheet

Like most people, I've used Google for many years now. It is the first place I go when I have a question about nearly anything. The results you get depend on how well you craft your search phrases. The better you get at putting in the right search phrase, the better your results will be. Did you know that putting double quotes like "Notepad Productivity" will result in different results than the same phrase without the quotes? In this example, the phrase without the quotes returned 9 pages or 251 results. Without the quotes? 560,000 results, as of this writing.

So give this a try the next time you need to search for something. Enclose the phrase in quotes and you may end up with better results. You might be asking yourself if there are other "cheats" or tips to get better results. You can check Google's Search Features page or any other number of links. To help you with your newfound search prowess, you might want to use this Cheat Sheet. Bookmark it, print it or embed it in your desktop. Use it to be more productive in your search. Here is also a longer version from Googleguide.com, created by Nancy Blachman, an interactive tutorial on how to use search using Google.


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