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Blogger In Draft - Embedded Comments


I recently found a great resource for Google Blogger based blogs. Its called Blogger in draft, and it gives you pre-release or draft functions for your Blogger blogs. I recently implemented the Embedded Comments function for my blogs at Frugal NYC and Frugal Tech. This gives me the ability to have comments right under my post, once someone clicks on the comments link from my main page or goes into a direct post link such as this post. You will now see a Post a Comment area instead of Blogger opening a new window with only the comments shown.

Blogger should put this in the default settings, since it is a lot more handy and easier for readers to put a comment right under the article or post they are reading. Until that day, you can use this tip I have found:

Login to http://draft.blogger.com/ instead of your normal http://www.blogger.com domain. Go to your Settings Tab -> Then go to the Comments section. You should see a new area called, "Comment Form Placement". Choose "Embedded below post" and save your settings. Then go to a post to see your new comment form. If you have a non-standard or modified Blogger template, you may need to do a little more to make this take effect. You can check Blogger Buster for additional tips on how to get it working. One last thing, using the draft blogger site, you can backup your Blog and its comments, this may be better than my Wget method mentioned in my CLI File Transfers post. To do this, just go to Settings - Basic - Blog Tools - Export Blog.

Was this tip helpful? Have you used inline comments on your blogger account?


Renee said...

I've just added this feature to my blog. I think I may need to play with the formatting some more, but really a great tip!

Thanks! Look forward to checking back often!

FrugalNYC said...

Hi Renee, I'm glad you found this useful. I checked your blog and it looks like its working like a charm. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. Hope you enjoy what you find in this blog.

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