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ID Theft and Credit Card Skimming

Before reading this article from Network World I knew about ATM fraud. I have seen it on TV news before and was somewhat aware of it. The technical term Skimming has never crossed my path until now. I think it wise to pass this information on, in the age of identity theft.

I take security pretty seriously. I shred my mail, I wipe history in my browser to make sure nothing is left after I purchase something from Amazon or any online vendors. This is also one reason I use firefox instead of Google's Chrome. Chrome does not make it as easy to wipe out history, unless of course you use incognito mode. I check my credit yearly through the Annual Credit Report site, and I recommend everyone do so as well. Its a free service.

Here are the two links from the end of the Network World article.
Federal Trade Commission

Hope this article has brought some light to online security habits. What do you do to protect your identity? Did you find this post helpful? Is there something I should add to this post?


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