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I was waiting in my old trusty Ford Taurus last Saturday when I noticed a garden that I've always seen when I drove by, but never took a closer look. So I decided to go for a little walk inside the garden.

The garden is located on the other side of the Kissena Corridor park, at the corner of Colden St. and Juniper Ave in Flushing Queens. Kissena Corridor park is located on Main Street across from the Queens Botanical Garden. I see Korean signs near the entrance, and judging by what I find in the garden its utilized pretty well by the Asian community. I noticed tomatoes, peppers, lettuce and many other varieties of edible plants.

Gardening in New York City may seem like an oxymoronic statement. New York City, the self proclaimed World's Financial center, is probably not known for its gardening, except of course for the Central Park Lawn. For those who have seen a few of my previous posts, you may remember my interest in parks and botanical gardens. From what is unfolding in the financial world in the last few days, perhaps we should all do a little gardening. It may not be that much cheaper, but is good excercise and good for you, not to mention it may taste better if you grow it yourself.

For those interested in more information about community gardens in NYC, you can check the following sites:

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