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Are You On The Bottle?

Over the weekend, I needed to change my brita filter, but I realized I did not have a spare filter. So I put it on my to do list. It got me thinking, tap water is fine to drink as it is. Its been said that, much of the bottled water people buy is nothing but processed tap water.

There's much debate about tap vs. bottled water. Even this morning, I heard that there is a new campaign starting about drinking tap water in New York City. New York City has one of the best tap water systems in the world. Tap water is monitored and regulated much more than bottled water. So until I pick up a new pack of brita (I do it mostly for the taste), I will be drinking tap water. I do have a couple of poland spring bottles around though.

Do you drink from the tap? Do you boil your water? Do you drink bottled water for the taste? Let us know what you think in the comments.


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