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5 Ways To Extend Blackberry Battery

If you use your blackberry like most blackberry owners do, you have probably run out of juice in the middle of browsing or some other online activity. This has happened to me more than once, and I have a few tips for you to prolong your mobile online activities. Of course the best thing to do is have a spare battery charged and ready for use, but if you do not have a spare, below are some tips to prolong its current charge.

1. Use the on and off feature of the antenna.

I tend to turn the blackberry antenna off when I get on the subway or any other method of traveling that ensures loss of cellular reception. If your blackberry has to look for a signal because it cannot find a tower, it will continue to broadcast and look for the closest tower. This is by far one of the most power consuming features any cell phone has. So turn the antenna off. Having the ability to turn the antenna off is one of the reasons I like having a blackberry, and who knows if all that research is true about cell phones and cancer.

2. Exit Unused Applications

If you've read my post on Blackberry Shortcuts, you know that you can cycle through all running applications on your blackberry. If you use your blackberry like I do, I usually have several applications running simultaneously, though not for very long. I do this only for copy and pasting information. Some applications drain the battery at a very fast pace. A battery that usually lasts me 2 days, will drain in several hours. So, remember to exit the unused applications if you are not using them.

3. Use The Holster And Profiles

Using the blackberry holster essentially puts the unit in a specific setting determined by your current profile. The screen usually turns off right away, so you will get better battery life. This also helps prevent the keyboard from being accidentally hit, which also turns the screen on. Using the proper profile, can help reduce battery drain. You can customize or use the quiet profile for minimal alerts.

4. Use Auto On/Off

I use the auto on/off feature, which turns the unit off after a certain time in the evening. In the morning it turns on automatically. For obvious reasons, battery drain will be minimized when the unit is off.

5. Dim The Screen

Turning the brightness level down on the screen is one of the best ways to improve your battery life. The screen and antenna are the two heavy hitters when it comes to battery consumption. This is only effective in low light settings of course.

Do you know of or use other tips to prolong your battery use? Did these tips help you?


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