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5 Uses For Twisty Ties

I've got a lot of twisty ties. They mostly come from other consumer packaging like, toys, electronics, bread among others.
I'm sure most of you throw them out, after you unpack your

  1. Organize your computer wiring. All those cables under your desk can be organized by reusing these twisty ties.
  2. Tie Wrap bags of chips, cookies and other snacks you do not finish right away.
  3. Tie it on a hook or cabinet handle in the kitchen. You can hand rubber bands off them, an easy way to organize spare rubberbands.
  4. Wrap up spare cables and wires before you store it, it will make it easier for you to sort through the cables when you need them.
  5. Art, get kids involved and have them tie up as many twisty ties as possible and hang them up!

Instead of throwing some much into our landfills, why not reuse? Do you have any other uses for your space twisty ties? List your creative ways of using twisty ties in the comments below.


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