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Zipcar Without A Membership Fee

If you live in NYC, you don't really need a car.  However, having access to one when you need it is very handy.  I've been a member of Zipcar for about 2 years now and used their basic (occasional driving) plan for a few trips.  Recently I decided to put the membership on hold, but there was no way to do so without canceling the service.

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I called Zipcar's representatives 2 times in the span of about a month.  Both times, I was told I will need to cancel my membership and I can sign up again when I need it.  If I re-enabled my account within 90 days I will not have to pay an additional application fee, which includes a search they do on your driving records.

If I were to re-join after the 90 day period, there would be a $25 application fee and I'll wait a few days for it to clear before I can use the service as normal.

I decided to cancel before I was charged my usual yearly membership fee, since I have no need for a car in some time now.  Surprise!  I was told there is a plan that I can use without a yearly fee!  It's call the Access plan and you can ask for it instead of cancelling your membership.  I'm not sure why they keep it so secret, since I cannot find any info on this plan online.  I was not told about this until I called to cancel.

I'm glad they have such a plan, as I'd love to remain a member without paying the fee.  The catch, of course this is one, is that you can only rent cars from Monday - Friday, only the non-luxury cars, and you are limited to 100 Miles a day instead of the usual 180 Miles.

I plan on staying on this plan until I know I have a need for a car, which can be enabled pretty much instantly once I pay my yearly member fee for the usual plans.

Have you had such an experience?  Has this information helped you stay a Zipcar member?  Leave me your thoughts in the comments.

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