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Free Tickets to The 39 Steps

We know many of you have enjoyed the complementary Broadway tickets. We are once again giving away two pairs of tickets to a couple of lucky FrugalNYC subscribers!  The tickets are for The 39 Steps.

The tickets expire at the end of October, so we are making this very easy for you to win!

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Send us an email

The first person to comment and send an email starting at noon today will win one pair of tickets.

The second pair of tickets will go to the 5th person who comments and sends us an email.

Yes, You can get your friends to comment and email!

You Will receive your Prize in the form of a voucher, good for two tickets.
Just redeem the voucher per the instructions on the voucher (basically select the day of show and fax it in).

 The tickets are provided by StubDog.com

Sam from StubDog describes StubDog:

Basically: our service is free to join and we offer half price tickets to Broadway, Concerts, Comedy, Sports and more. We email our members weekly (Tuesday's) on new events added to our site. Our service is really easy to use and buying tickets is simple. We work directly with the venue/production who release tickets to us and offer our customers a great way to enjoy a night out. We want you to go out more!

Thank you Sam and StubDog!

We are working with StubDog to get you better discounts / Freebies in the future!

Leave a comment and win the tickets today - and redeem them ASAP. We don't like things to go to waste here at FrugalNYC!

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Awesome in New York said...

I'd love to go see this show! Thanks!

Stephbot said...

Love free B'way tickets!
Never seen this one but heard good reviews. Thanks for the opportunity FrugalNYC!

Sandy said...

I'm in NY. Why not?

FrugalNYC said...

First winner was announced on Twitter. Second winner by default - is Stephbot!

Stephbot said...

I finally won something!

Stephbot said...

Saw the show. Pretty funny and love the train scene. Thanks FrugalNYC and StubDog!

FrugalNYC said...


Happy to hear you enjoyed the show!

money said...

My name is Corina, and I have a blog www.moneymommablog.com. I wish I got to see this show! Thanks for posting this.

I am starting to connect with other like-minded bloggers like you and just wanted to reach out and say hello.

Thanks and best wishes for a happy holiday season.



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