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Unforgettable NYC Experiences


Whether you are a first time visitor or a full time resident of NYC, if you have not been to the the list that follows, you have not seen the best of NYC.

Sailing to the Statue of Liberty. If you have never been to the Statue of Liberty, you should make an appointment with yourself to do so very soon. Now that the crown is open by appointment, perhaps make an appointment to check it out. Chances are, if you tell someone you've been to NYC, they will most likely ask if you've been to the Statue of Liberty. Aside from that, it is the ultimate symbol of New York, it is full of rich history and it is the personification of the city's vast diversity.

Empire State Building Observatory at Dusk. Like the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building defines New York like no other landmark. If you have seen the observatory during the day, you need to go back during dusk. The best time of day for photography is also the best time of day to see the true skyline of NYC from the top of the Empire State Building. You will get to enjoy the best of natural and artificial lighting like no other.

Walking the Brooklyn Bridge. I have lived in NYC for over two decades, and only recently have I walked the Brooklyn Bridge. It is truly an experience to behold. Engineers going through college, read about the building of this great and magnificent bridge. You will no doubt be joined by many tourists walking the bridge at any time of day. Just don't take the offer if anyone tries to sell the bridge to you.

Sunday Morning in New York. I'm always amazed when I head into Manhattan, "The City", when I do so early in the day, before the businesses start buzzing and cars start honking. During the predawn hours, the city is a sight to behold that most people have never seen. During Sunday mornings, it is truly unforgettable. The quietness during this time of day in the city that never sleeps is an experience you will never forget. So if you are visiting NYC, before leaving, get up really early on Sunday morning and just take a stroll.

The Central Park Reservoir. Walking or jogging around the Central Park Reservoir, aka the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis reservoir, is an experience like no other in NYC. There are many opportunities for photos, just don't get in the way of the early morning joggers.

I hope you have enjoyed this list. What else do you think belongs on this list? Share your experiences in the comments.

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J and D said...

Moving to NYC, we got to experience all those magical moments.My favorite is taking daily walks around the reservoir. Have you tried Top of the Rock? Check it out if you have not.I now prefer it over the Empire state building because Top of the Rock gives you the view of Central park and Empire State building and also Chrysler building.NYC is just pure magic.

FrugalNYC said...

J and D, I have not been to the Top of the Rock, but have heard from numerous people how great a view it is. It's a true 360 panoramic view of the city and I'll have to check it out soon. The view from the top is definitely different for those of us used to seeing it from the ground.

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