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Where do you get your domains? Most of us have seen and know about GoDaddy by now, thanks to their Superbowl commercial that brought their name to the masses. Network Solutions used to be one of the biggest players in the Domain business, though they have been surpassed now.

If you wanted to get a Domain for yourself or business, where do you go? Here are some companies that I've come across, some with great pricing to draw you in and others that provide anything and everything for a business that is growing.

Hosting and Domain Registration

Free Domains and Hosts
I've got an account via 1and1, you'll help us out if out click and purchase from this banner here.

You can also find a list of Web Hosting companies via this link. To find newly available domain names, you can check JustDropped.com. Have you registered a domain recently? Who do you use to register your domain? Come back to check for updates to this list, or post your own hosts and registrars in the comments to be included in this list.

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Steve Rhode said...

One company that has always done an exceptional job for me with the best customer service I've ever had with a domain provider is a small company called DomainMonster.com. No, I don't work for them, just a very happy customer.


Craig said...

I get mine at godaddy.

MyMeans said...

I personally like GoDaddy. Never had a problem with service or support and they typically have deals/coupons, so if you're not in a rush, you can typically get a domain for like $6.99 and sometimes even $.99.

Jillian said...

I use GoDaddy. Have heard terrible things about 1and1 uptime and customer service.

FrugalNYC said...


Thanks and I've added that to the original list. Seems like they are good to do bulk domains.

@Craig @MyMeans @Jillian

You're with the majority of opinions I've heard from so far. I wonder if it's because the name is so well known that everyone likes them more. Of course, they have to be effective at what they do to keep the customer base. Looks like they have been doing good so far.

Dealio.com said...

Godaddy is one of the top ones know. My brother uses 1and1 and I haven't heard them complained about their services.

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