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Free Ugg Boots - For Bloggers!

ugg boots sale

If you are a fan of Ugg Boots, you might want to take up this offer from Whooga. For bloggers, all you have to do is write a post with the above graphic. Every entrant receives a 15% discount and a chance to win free ugg boots! Simply follow the directions listed on this page.

They will draw 3 pairs of ugg boots every 2 months and more as soon as Winter hits. Contestants may remain entered for as long as you wish and will automatically go in the draw to win for as long as you continue to display the Whooga Badge. They ship internationally so it’s open to everyone, everywhere.

Hope you have found this post helpful. Come back again for more!

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ricebird said...

what a lovely ugg boot publicity stunt.

FrugalNYC said...

Thanks for the comment. It is isn't it? Found some good blogs via your profile. Thanks.

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