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Growing Closer In Tighter Budgets


I just read an article about how tighter budgets can bring families closer together.

I would have to agree and have definitely seen some of what's described myself. When so many people you know are getting laid off, things change very quickly. People who were once too busy with work are now free. People who used to have a full schedule, trying to squeeze all the extra activities in, now actually have free time.

Since everyone seems to be cutting back, I thought it would be interesting to find out what you have cut back and what happy surprises you've found along the way.

I have enjoyed doing a bit of baking and shopping at the supermarket with the family. What about you?

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Craig said...

It's true, because you have to be more creative with what you can do and spend your money. So maybe instead of a night out, you may have a more stay in DVD night that will save money and you can bond more.

FrugalNYC said...

Thanks for the comment Craig! I totally agree, especially when those DVDs are some favorites or free ones from the Library! ;)

Mike Pastore said...

If you are a family man, you must consider your family especially your kids in planning out a summer vacation that won't hurt your budget. Camping is a fun summer activity for the whole family that does not require too much spending. It's not only fun and money-saving; it keeps the family closer to each other.

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FrugalNYC said...

Hi Mike,

Family definitely needs to be considered when planning anything. Once you have children, your life has become a new life! You are right, camping is a great activity for the family. I think you need to get the kids started early on this one ;)

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