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Medicinal Benefits Of Latin Cuisine


I saw an article in the newspaper about the following and found it helpful. If you are living a healthy lifestyle it will definitely make your "frugal" tendencies worthwhile. Living healthy is more important than any other aspect of frugal living.

As in Chinese herbal remedies, these Latin cuisine based remedies are very helpful to those living a more "natural medicine" lifestyle. So what are the benefits of a Latin cuisine?

  • Chamomile is used to soothe an upset stomach, as a sleep aid and to treat irritated or red eyes.
  • Cinnamon tea is believed to regulate blood sugar, relieve cold symptoms and cure diarrhea. So stop reaching for tylenol cold and get a cup of cinnamon tea instead.
  • Cactus is thought to have beneficial effect on blood sugar levels, and to aid digestion as well as help heal stomach ulcers. So instead of Peptol bismol, try some cactus!
  • Flaxseed is scientifically proven to be a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, flaxseed is thought to clean the intestines. Instead of going to the doctor and getting a "colin cleanse" try eating more fish and perhaps taking some flaxseed supplements.
  • Chili peppers offer relief from the common cold by promoting mucus drainage. Spice is nice!
The next time you want some alternative medicine. Try your kitchen! Chicken soup is only the beginning.

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Trevor @ Financial Nut said...

WOW! That looks absolutely amazing! :)

FrugalNYC said...

Hi Trevor,

Welcome back and thanks for the comment! :)
I'm glad you like this post. I found this list very helpful myself. Alternative medicine can be very effective, especially in the form of food ;)

banking deals said...

Resolves Clumps, removes food stagnation and etc. Commonly used to treat indigestion, abdominal distension, hypertension and etc.

FrugalNYC said...

@banking deals,

Sounds like you know your Latin food :) Thanks for the additional input.

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