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9 Quick Money Saving Tips


Today I'm sharing a few Money Saving tips that I use. This will be the beginning of some quick posts I'll be doing from here on.
  1. Use Coupons - No need to hunt them down, if you have them, use them.
  2. Reuse Dryer sheets - Continue to use dryer sheets, after using three times, use it to remove dust from your furniture or other surfaces. They literally attract dust. Use them to wipe your TV or Computer monitor screens.
  3. Reuse Paper Towels - If you clean a water spill and the towel is in good shape, let it dry and reuse it. Save trees and the environment.
  4. Reuse Plastic Utensils - I've reused plastic forks and spoons time and again. I have about 5 forks that I have been using for well over several months now. I wash them with my dishes.
  5. Visit Dollar stores - every so often I find great deals. Not everything is a great deal, so if you are the shopping type, don't visit too often. I recently picked up a pack of Dora the Explorer playing cards, great for young kids to learn numbers with as well.
  6. Use Baking Soda as an all purpose cleaner. I've cleaned greasy pans successfully with this multi purpose cleanser. You can find 75 uses for it here.
  7. Freeze your over ripe bananas and make your own Banana bread. Some great banana bread recipes here.
  8. Buy Used - Most things depreciate very quickly, especially technology. If you can buy used, do so. You will save a lot of money this way.
  9. Bring Your Own Lunch - If your job has the right facilities, bringing your lunch can save you a lot of money. Assuming you spend about $7 a lunch on average, after 300 days you will have saved over $2000. You can buy a nice TV with that money.
I hope you have found these tips helpful. What quick money saving tips do you have? Please share them in the comments.

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Chris said...

I started doing #7 around a year and a half ago. It means I control my diet and I save money. Once you get in to the routine it really is easy.

Good (and different) tips!

Craig said...

Buying in bulk helps me out a bit on things like cleaning supplies and stuff around the apt. I also try to buy generic brand stuff over name brand.

FrugalNYC said...


Thanks for dropping by Chris. Yeah, I started doing the banana bread thing about a year ago. It tastes great and is very cheap compared to buying something similar from a supermarket or bakery. Not to mention you know exactly what goes into the bread.


I totally agree. Many things you can purchase in bulk, if they do not go stale. Canned goods are great to buy in bulk when on sale. I bought generic dryer sheets I think a 300ct box and with the above tip, I'm still using that box more than 2 years later. I think it will last me 5 or 6 years at this rate. hope it doesn't go stale ;)

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