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“Keep things as simple as possible, but no simpler.” -Albert Einstein

There is a movement to simple and single purpose tools. Tools that do one thing and does it very well. I've come upon some of these useful single purpose website / services in the last several months. I think they are a very interesting concept and they put simplicity to practical use. This post will contain all such useful single purpose services I find. Check back often for additional interesting sites I come across or that you recommend!

NowDoThis - A very simple to do list, you can save a copy on your own computer!
UmbrellaToday - If you want to know whether you need an umbrella today. You enter your zip code and it tells you in HUGE LETTERS a YES or NO.
Goingtorain - This is even simpler than Umbrellatoday, it detects what city you are in based on your computer IP address (I assume), and gives you a YES or NO to the question - Is it going to rain?
Is Alternate Side Parking In Effect - This is for NYC only, it tells you if Alternate side parking is in effect today, so you can move your car and save yourself a parking ticket!
Twecipe - Tweet your ingredients and get a Great recipe. Very simple and single purpose minded site!

Of course there's the almighty Google, who pretty much started the simple web service concept. I'm sure there are many other services out there that are not listed here. If you know of any, please let us know so I can add to this list!

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Henie said...

Hey Frugal...

Thank you so much for the very useful tips (links) you posted.

Can't wait to return ofeten for more!

Keep up the good work you do here!:)

Best Always,

FrugalNYC said...

Hi Henie!

So Happy you dropped by and find this useful!

Renee said...

Twecipe is my new favorite thing -- thanks for introducing it!

FrugalNYC said...

Hi Renee, I'm glad you found this helpful!
I think these single purpose are great. They are expecially great because they are so easy to use :)

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