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I found some great digital photo resources when I was reading the December 2008 issue of Popular Photo magazine. Whether you are looking for applications, online services or ideas for photography, the list below may contain a resource you can find helpful. I compiled the original list on Saturday, Dec 13, 2008. I will continue to add any resource I find useful to this post.
  • Photoshop Express - From the Makers of Photoshop, make some simple photo editing online, for FREE!
  • Picasa 3 - This is one of my favorite photo management applications. It's made by Google and its FREE! Download your copy today. You can do simple to somewhat complex touch-ups with this. You can even add captions!
  • Yodio - Add voice to your Photos, publish it for the world to see. All for free.
  • Media College - Photography - Find some great Photography Tutorials. They are simple to the point and very well done!
  • Photo Talk Radio - I can't really describe it better than what the title says. It's Talk Radio for Photography
  • Pixia - This is a great piece of FREE Paint and retouch application. I discovered it years ago, but don't use it much since my drawing skills are not that great. Check out some great art galleries made with this software.
  • Photoshop Support - Check this out for great Photoshop Tutorials
  • America's Parks - Travel Planning tips and finding the best tips on taking photos of US Parks.
  • Nature photo - Some of the world's best Nature Photographers.
  • Flickr - This is the most popular Photo sharing site on the web, and you probably know about it already. Flickr is currently owned by Yahoo. You can make online edits as well. Thanks for Craig for pointing this out.
  • JPG Magazine - Online magazine of both Amateurs and Pros. This company may be given a second life.
  • Photography (9th Edition) (MyPhotographyKit Series)
    (This is an affiliate link to Amazon) - By far the most comprehensive and easy to digest text I have seen so far on photography.
  • Digital Photography School - This is by far one of the best sites to learn about Photography.
If you have photography links and sites you would like to contribute, please let us know in the comments section. Check back often for additions to this list. Thanks for reading. For additional links to frugal tips and tricks follow me on Twitter. If you would like to contribute to FrugalNYC in any way (guest posts, articles, ideas, interesting links, advice, financial assistance, or anything else), feel free to contact me via email. Click here to add FrugalNYC to your RSS reader. You can help support FrugalNYC by visiting sponsored links and ads.

Photo by Steph Carter


Craig said...

I think you can do some minor editing in Flickr.com as well if you have an account.

FrugalNYC said...


You're correct, thanks for pointing that out. Flickr.com definitely has some editing features as well. Flickr being the most popular photography catalog on the web is a good choice. I will update the above list with Flickr shortly.

Jay said...

Great resource Frugal- I only knew of flickr. I did not know Yahoo owned it! Are there any small companies left? Thanks for the photo help!

FrugalNYC said...

Thanks Jay. Yeah. Seems like all the small companies are getting merged into or eaten up. Google is pretty much taking over Feedburner now.

Glad you find this helpful!

FrugalNYC said...

JPG Magazine, which was reported to be shutdown may get a new lease on life. It's a nice magazine. Check out the archives.

Henie said...

Awesome, Frugal!

I'll have to check each one out. Thanks for compiling this :0)

FrugalNYC said...

Hi Henie,

I'm glad you like this post. I try and keep this updated as I come across useful photo related links. So check back from time to time for updates ;)

Anonymous said...

http://www.picnik.com/ is a great online photo editing app

FrugalNYC said...

Thanks Anonymous. Definitely noted and will remember this site. I just added Digital Photography School to the list.

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