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What Do You Use Your PC For?

So what do you actually use your computer for? That's the question I usually ask someone who wants a recommendation for a pc. I've been asked to recommend a pc to purchase many times. I usually answer by asking them what tasks they hope to perform, most people only have the very basic needs, which requires nothing more than a $400 entry level computer.

Personally, I typically use it for:
  1. Watching DVDs
  2. Watching Video Files
  3. Internet Radio
  4. Blogging
  5. Web Browsing
  6. Casual gaming (flash, card games, etc)
  7. Writing
  8. Spreadsheets
  9. Paying bills online
  10. Ripping and Burning DV from miniDV
For anyone interested in such a "basic" computer for email, web browsing and not much else, there is a sale at Best Buy this week (11/9-11/15/2008) for an eMachines Laptop with AMD Athlon 2650e. It comes with Windows Vista Basic and 1GB of RAM/160GB HD. Its not for everyone, but if you have a low budget and have very basic computing needs, this is a great deal.

So what do you use your computer for?


Anonymous said...

I use it for browsing the internet, live streaming of news or other available channels, email, and reading blogs.
I spend most of my time on it learning new things from websites and blogs :)

FrugalNYC said...

Hi anonymous, I think most people do similar things on their computer. Its always good to know what you do before you go and purchase a new pc for your needs. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

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