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Longer Laptop Battery Life

Photo courtesy of Moria on Flickr

Laptops are becoming more and more popular today. Most of the growth in PC sales are laptops, no longer in desktops. With the current lithium-ion battery technology, there are some ways to make your battery last a little longer. Lithium-ion batteries have a shelf life, so they were made with an expiration date. These tips will help you get the longest shelf life instead of "early termination" from a good battery. Many people I have spoken to express their aggravation with laptop battery life. In response I tell them what I do, below are some ways I have personally made my laptop batteries last a little longer.

  1. Don't leave your laptop plugged in all the time with the battery.
  2. Drain your battery out from time to time, there is no memory effect, but it helps to use it fully.
  3. Don't totally drain your battery, it needs a small trickle to charge.
  4. If you have your laptop plugged in like a desktop, take the battery out. Charge it from time to time when you travel. Once a month should be enough.
Do you use a laptop? Have you had to replace your battery recently? Do you have other tips on using rechargeable batteries?


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