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Insurance company reference

I'm putting together a list of insurance company and their respective contact numbers as a reference. Its always better to have one reference list rather than pieces of paper, or worse, bits and pieces of electronic data scattered throughout your computer. Feel free to let me know in comments anything you would like added.

If you combine your insurance policies under one company, you can usually get a good discount. Do you do this? Have you had good results or bad when combining your insurance policies?

GEICO (as of 10/18/08)

  • Boat, Home, Condo, Renter's & Term Life - 1866-265-1114
  • Motorcycle & ATV - 1800-341-9030
  • Personal Umbrella Insurance - 1866-782-3182
  • General number - 866-235-9315
State Farm
  • General number - 866-693-1156


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