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I'm a Mac, I'm a PC, I'm a Linux

With all the advertising about operating systems and what is better, it got me thinking about the other OS, Linux. Technically, Linux is just a guideline of sorts, its the core of the OS but other pieces get put in such as Window Managers and Desktop environments. Put all this stuff together and you have a "Linux distribution". There are many mainstream distributions, the current most popular one being Ubuntu and its derivatives. I use Linux from time to time. My opinion of the OS wars, use the OS and app that best suits the job. Make sure you have the skills and tools you need to do your job and that's that. Sometimes, I find doing things on windows easier, sometimes mac, and sometimes Linux. You can find hundreds of Linux distributions on Distrowatch.

Both Apple and Microsoft have been attacking each other via their current advertising. You can find Microsoft's current advertising blitz here. You can find the Apple commercials here. I even found some Linux commercials on YouTube, see below.

I also came upon this one that you may enjoy.

Happy advertising everyone!


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