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Email Your Blog Posts

Now that I have discussed Scheduling Posts, I wanted to share my thoughts on sending your posts via email. Before I found the scheduling option in blogger, the way I was getting some posts done was to email them. You can set this up in your blogger account settings tab. You basically set it up with your gmail account plus a secret word like this myaccount.secretword@blogger.com.

I usually write up my post in a text editor, then I would log into my blogger account to update and make the changes for hyperlinks and formatting later on. This gets the actual writing completed, then I can focus on formatting before posting. This is another reason I use Windows Notepad, to just write when I am inspired to write. This leaves all distractions out of the picture.

You can set up your blogger account to post right away or save as a draft. I used to set it to post right away, since I didn't know how to schedule posts. Now I'm using the drafts method of emailing posts, so I can get a rough draft online and then schedule it when I am at my computer. Usually I do my drafts and emailing on my Blackberry, this way I can use the time I spend waiting on lines or commuting to update my blog.

If you're new to blogger I hope this has helped you. If you're thinking about blogging using blogger, perhaps you want to bookmark this post. Do you have any tips for sending your posts via email? Do you have other blogger tips?


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