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DOS Batch Files

One of the first things I learned about computers was writing batch files. This gave me the first glimpse into what computers can do. Nearly 20 years later, I still make use of batch files to make
certain tasks easier.

What do batch files do? Well, they are pre-recorded sets of instructions that you tell your DOS or Windows machine to do. So instead of type several things like:

CD GoHomeNow
DEL *.txt
MOVE *.* D:

You would have one "Batch" file to bunch all those things into a batch job. Its what other programs may call macros or scripts.

Here's a simple batch file that I use to unclutter my Computer Desktop folder, below is the content, so copy and paste it into a text file and name it unclutter.bat if you would like to use it.

REM This batch file helps to unclutter and clean up your windows desktop
md "%HOMEPATH%\Desktop\Unclutter"
move "%HOMEPATH%\Desktop\*.*" "%HOMEPATH%\Desktop\Unclutter"

Here are some resources I've found on Batch files:

Do you use batch files? Do you use other scripting languages? If you have additional resources to add, please let me know via comments!


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