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Diana Ross Playground


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I've been in the neighborhood of the Diana Ross Playground, but I've never gone into the playground. It is located in a very nice area and is definitely worth a visit. From all the descriptions I've gathered, I'm tempted to make a visit in the near future. Most likely I will visit next summer. Have any of you out there been to this playground with your kids? Now on to post!

The Diana Ross Playground is located in Central Park near the corner of West 81st Street and Central Park West. It is at the foot of Summit Rock, the highest natural elevation in Central Park, at 141.8 feet from sea level. To the east, is Tanner's Spring, one of two remaining natural springs in the park. I've yet to discover a spring at Central Park, so I will be looking for the spring upon my visit.

It is named after Diana Ross, the recording artist. She donated several hundred thousand dollars toward the re-building of this playground in the 1980s. The playground is equipped with wood climbing structures, tire swings, a tube slide, a corkscrew slide, and a mushroom water spray. It is open from 7:30am to dusk. You can find a picture of the playground from boldt.us and Central Park 2000 websites.

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Have you visited any of the 21 Central Park Playgrounds? Have you check out my other posts about Central Park? Share your experience at the Diana Ross Playground in the comments. Thanks again for visiting my blog and for your feedback and comments!


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